About us - Wild Child Pizza

Wild Child Pizza, a Detroit-style pizzeria, stands out with its inventive approach. Their signature offering is the rectangular pizza with a uniquely aged 72-hour sourdough crust, topped with an array of ingredients ranging from classic to unconventional, like BBQ chicken and rose harissa.

Their diverse menu not only boasts classic favorites such as pepperoni, cheese, and supreme pizzas but also introduces distinctive flavors like harissa and Maui Wowie. Complementing their pizza selection are offerings like salads, garlic bread sticks, and brownies. A highlight is the thick-cut slices, ideal for dipping in any of the six homemade sauces, including the exotic Sriracha ranch and a vegan green goddess ranch. Conveniently, Wild Child offers takeout and delivery, with an online ordering system.

Wild Child also embraces the local art scene. Skateboarding pro and artist Sebo Walker adorned the eatery with a vivid orange exterior and initiated the "artist alley," a space dedicated to exhibiting the works of various artists.


2032 NE Alberta Street Portland Oregon 97211



Pearl District

1339 NW Flanders St Portland Oregon 97209 - Inside QD's Bar